This portfolio of services is oriented to the foreign businessmen involved into business activities in the Novosibirsk Region and Siberia on the whole.

BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP  offers a wide range of services:

·         Representation of your interests in Siberia: making contracts, control over the contractors' performance;

·         Commercial and corporate disputes resolution, litigation;

·         Legal protection of your business in Siberia;

·         Legal protection of the intellectual property in Russia;

·         Establishing representative officers of your company in Novosibirsk (affiliate, subsidiary);

·         Audit (compulsory and managerial) of your affiliate and subsidiary's performance in Novosibirsk. Expertise and performance analysis of your managerial stuff;

·         Taxation consulting. Tax optimization;

·         Portfolio management of Novosibirsk enterprises. Professional execution of stockholder's rights. Buying and selling stocks of Siberian enterprises;

·         Investment consulting. Due diligence


·         Information services: market research, searching for business partners in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region;

·         Execution of business orders and commission contracts;

·         Organization of regional sells (purchases);

·         Arrangement and keeping business accounting in a subdivision of your company in Novosibirsk;

·         Affiliate/subsidiary management, property management, project management in Siberia.

BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP  is open for  business cooperation.