Recommendations and References





    The timely legal back up of BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP helped us efficiently solve the current managerial problems.
Yevgeny I.Suslikov
General Manager Public joint-stock company “Sibreсhproekt” (business area: river transport design)


    Having combining the best qualities of a lawyer, such as scrupulousness, accuracy, and insistence with foresight and breadth of views, you proved to be a reliable and professional partner.
Igor A.Soloviov
Director Close Joins-Stock Company “Central Tour Bureau” (business area: tourism)


    BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP is a reliable “protection”, which due to its high intellect contributes to the prosperity and confidence of the factory “Severyanka”
Lyubov N. Gaivoronskaya
Vice General Manager Public joint-stock company Clothes Factory "Severyanka" (area: clothing industry) 



    JSC “Novosibirsk Textile Factory” thanks BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP for help given in reorganizing and developing business. BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP specialists may offer non-standart solutions in difficult situations.
Gennady R. Petrov
General manager, JSC “Novosibirsk Textile Factory”


   BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP is a well-known specialist in corporate relations and strategy planning.
Unus U. Isliamov
General director, JSC “TRUD Plant”



    The pack of services “Representation in Novosibirsk” developed in BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP agrees with the concept of external economic and interregional links of the Novosibirsk region, which contributes to the further development of business infrastructure, makes the region attractive for business activities, attracts investments and new consumer goods.
Sergey A.Tchufistov
The Head of Department Committee of International and Interregional Relations and Trade. Administration of Novosibirsk Region (executive power).


    The experts of BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP consider the problems put by very carefully and thoroughly, find fresh, non-standard solutions and apply them to practice competently and skillfully.
Vladimir P.Durikhin
Commercial Director Public Joint–Stock Company “Aeroport Tolmaсhiovo” (business area: international airport)

    We express our thanks to BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP and appreciate their expertise in the sphere of tax planning consulting. We couldn’t but distinguish the professional approach of the experts to the given tasks, their kindness and respect to their partners.
Irina L.Kasyanova
Director Limited Liability Company “Sibir-Helen Prod” (business: foodstuff production, wholesale trade)


    The recommendations of BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP are very flexible - they take into consideration the specific character of client’s business activity and are especially efficient in cases when qualification of accountants at enterprises is not enough to cope with the given tasks.
Dr. Olga N.Makarova
Vice General Manager on Economy and Finance, Public Joint-Stock Company “SINAR” (business: clothing industry)


    The experts in BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP are highly skilled and reliable; they can be characterized by a proper and careful attitude towards their business partners.
Dmitry G.Likov
General Director Public Joint-Stock Company  “SIBAKADEMSTROY” (business: construction trade)


    Thoughtfulness of the Director and the experts of BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP for the problems of our enterprise allowed us to reorganize our business and improve our company’s performance.
Vladimir T.Stepanov
Director Public Joint-Stock Company “Berdtchanka” (area: clothing industry)


    “GofroMaster” Company thanks BUSINESS SERVICES GROUP  for fruitful and profitable cooperation.
Igor Didenko, general director for the  “GofroMaster” Company